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Halloweek Outfit of the Day

Hello Humans of the internet!  I decided to do the thing that many bloggers do and post what I wore today.  Why?  Because it was fun.  I had a great time hanging out with my sister and taking pictures in the front yard.  Did people we know drive by? yes.  Was that a little bit embarrassing? yes.  Was the lighting significantly better than the lighting in the back yard? also yes. Continue reading “Halloweek Outfit of the Day”

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Halloween Make up fail

Hello Humans of the internet! So, I bought fancy new make-up in order to make a spooky Halloween make-up tutorial and a cute Halloween make-up tutorial.  I say “fancy” make-up.  It was make-up from the Halloween section in Wal-Mart.  My plan was to do a tutorial using cheap easily available make-up similar to this one that I did last year.  So, yesterday when I was doing the tutorial for the cute Halloween make-up, I had a bit of a mishap.  Here’s what happened. Continue reading “Halloween Make up fail”

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A Kawaii Halloween!

Hello Humans of the internet!  I hope that you are having a fantastic start to the week.  I would like to start off by saying that our town was very fortunate during this Hurricane season.  I think just about everyone lost power, but it was back on within a few hours.  There were quite a few trees down, but no really bad damage. Continued prayers to everyone affected by this storm.  For right now, because the watching the news is overwhelming and I sometimes don’t want to believe the things said by our politicians, I think it’s time for some tiny toys.  And I’ll go back to being an adult in a little bit.   Continue reading “A Kawaii Halloween!”

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Fish Tank Decor! Actual post

Hello Humans of the internet! It’s Friday and it was pointed out to my by Elizabeth, thank you, that there was nothing on the post for today.  I did write a whole post about looking for safe fish tank decorations and deciding to only decorate the outside of the tank.  For some reason, potentially because I was trying to upload the post during a hurricane, it did not upload correctly.  I also didn’t save the original post to my computer.  So let me summarize it. Continue reading “Fish Tank Decor! Actual post”

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Hurricane Micheal

So we have a surprise hurricane coming our way. I mean we knew it was coming but it was supposed to be a tropical depression when it reached us and this storm is just getting stronger. So I might miss a post if the power goes out.

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Halloween Haul!

Hello Humans of the internet!  I’ve been shopping.  All of this stuff came from either Dollar Tree or Walmart.  This is everything that I’ve gotten for Halloween and Halloween posts.  I’m super excited about this.  I got fabric, I got make-up, I got decorations.  Let’s get into it.   Continue reading “Halloween Haul!”

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Spooky Time

Hello humans of the internet! As I’m sure you are all aware, it’s October.  But, it’s still pretty early in October and South Carolina is still 90 degrees.  It’s really hard to be in the spooky Halloween spirit when it’s 90 degrees outside.  So, I decided to list off all the things that scare me in order to get into the spooky spirit.  Feel fear to share things that scare you and to judge the things that scare me.   Continue reading “Spooky Time”

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Halloween Month 2018!

Hello, Humans of the internet!  It’s my time!  It’s costume, make-up, fake blood, monster movie, and pumpkin time!!   Continue reading “Halloween Month 2018!”

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Highs, Lows, and Uh-ohs, September 2018

Hello, Humans of the internet!  It’s the end of September.  Not exactly the last day, we still have two more, but this is close enough.  September was kind of eventful.   Continue reading “Highs, Lows, and Uh-ohs, September 2018”

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The Good Teachers

Hello Humans of the internet!  On this blog I have talked about negative school experiences.  I’ve talked about teachers that made me miserable.  I would like to take today to talk about teachers that were really good and helped me learn.  Continue reading “The Good Teachers”