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Wig Redo

Hello humans of the internet! (I know that there were no posts for two days and I was trying to post every day of October. All I could think of was more ghost stories, and I didn’t want to just post a bunch of similar stories all month). I have recently fallen in love with wearing wigs. And specifically plastic costume wigs. I’m having a great time.

Most recently I bought this one

It’s from Walmart (of course) for I think $7. It’s not a great wig.

There’s a lot of weird gaps and this super obvious net stuff. My goal with this wig is to look like a pokemon researcher. Not a specific pokemon researcher, I just want to look like that’s the universe I belong in. This is what I came up with.

This is my first attempt at actually styling a wig. Once again, I’m having a great time and I don’t care if anyone thinks it looks bad.

Much love


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Staring at the Phone

Hello humans of the internet! A little irony here. I’m sitting in a waiting room, staring at my phone to talk about how much people stare at their phones.

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The Real Horror Story

Hello Humans of the internet! I acknowledge that this is a dramatic title, but I wanted to tell a story about what happened today that I think was scarier than the ghost story I had planned for today. (I told you I had almost unlimited ghost stories).

This morning I opened Facebook as one does. And I’m sure you have noticed that Facebook likes to show you your “memories.” Sometimes this is really cute and you get to see old pictures or a picture of the first time you met someone. I discovered through this that Schulz has posted a selfie on the day we met, which is cute and funny and the background of my phone now. That isn’t the horror. The horror was this morning. I logged in to facebook and it showed me a memory from 7 years ago which said “That awkward moment when you finally get a door open and realize that it was hard to open because a person was in the way. Moral of the story: all doors need windows.”

I immediately cringed at my awkward and consoled myself that it was 7 years ago and I must have been like 12 or 13. I could so clearly remember hitting that guy with a door. And then I realized, I’m 24 so I was 12, 12 years ago. Which means that I was actually 17 when I posted that. Which made me cringe even more because not only am I old now, I was also not young enough for my level awkward to be acceptable.

Basically, I’m now just sat here cringing at my own awkward and decided to talk about this instead of talking about the running joke between and Schulz that the building I work in has dimensional shifts but make it spooky.

much love


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Another Ghost story

Hello humans of the internet! Yes I am sharing another ghost story. It’s Halloween month and I live in the South Carolina low country, I have unlimited ghost stories.

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A Ghost Story or two

Hello humans of the internet! Its October and this seems like an appropriate time to share some of my personal ghosts stories. These might be a little weird because it’s just a few things that are hard to explain.

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Sweater Weather

Hello humans of the internet! It’s sweater weather. Kind of. The point is that Peggy has a sweater. And that sweater has a panda on the butt.

Also she’s so big now, picture from 8 months ago for comparison

Same rug. She’s literally 50lbs heavier now than she was in the second picture. I do still have that tiny rope toy, I don’t know if that means I’m sentimental or just too lazy to throw things away.

Much love


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Halloween Shopping

Hello humans of the internet! I went shopping and bought some Halloween stuff because I’m an adult. I found some bat wings! Also other stuff.

This was the same shopping trip that the gnome from yesterday was from. It was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with my friend Rachel (see I have friends). Technically we went shopping last weekend, and I’m just now posting this because I had to make my bed to take that picture.

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Not sorry.

Hello humans of the internet! I know it’s October. I know it’s way too early to buy Christmas decorations. I know I have always been one to be against all this early and over done Christmas. But here’s the thing: this is adorable, I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with Schulz, and every thing else I bought on this shopping trip was for Halloween (or food).

I can’t wait to have a home someday to decorate for holidays and find a place for him at Christmas.

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Introducing Kai

Hello humans of the internet! I know I was feeling particularly emotional yesterday. Thank you for letting me talk about that and thank you for the support. Today I wanted to talk about an adorable addition to my little family of critters.

Awhile back I made a post about putting together a fish tank for a betta and talked about getting a fish. This was months ago. I brought Kai the fish home shortly after that post. Kai was in a Walmart and looking not so great which is why I wanted to bring him home. I called my brother (this sort of thing is his actual profession) and followed his instructions for taking care of Kai. Now Kai is finally healed up enough that I feel comfortable sharing him with y’all. For context, he had almost no fins. There were nasty black rotting looking bits on his tail. I don’t actually have a picture because the phone I had then broke. But here is what he looks like today.

Much love


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Post/Comment Anxiety

Hello humans of the internet! For anyone who my be new here: I’m a dyslexic person. I feel like I haven’t talked about that much even though the original plan for this blog was to talk about being in school with dyslexic. Of course that was 4 or 5 years ago and I’m 24 now and never going back to school.

I like to tell myself that dyslexic doesn’t affect any more. This is a lie as evident throughout this blog. But this morning, as I tried to read other’s blogs, I just couldn’t. And I felt guilty about not being able to force the shapes into sounds and squeeze out understanding. And now I’m trying to write this post to explain the feelings and it’s going so slow and I know that going slow doesn’t even help. This post and every post I write will have will have little errors. Since, I’m on my phone it’ll replace my mistakes, sometimes with the right word, sometimes not. And then I’ll sit here, reading it over, knowing that you might not read what I’m saying.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve typed up a comment or an email to someone who’s blog I follow only to never send it. I know the likelihood that it won’t be what I want it to be is too high. I know that I could have read the post wrong and the comment wouldn’t even make sense.

And then I feel guilty.

I want to tell all these people that they’re amazing. I want them to know that they’re doing a great job. But, who am I? I’m just a person who can barely read and write, trying to convince the world and myself that being dyslexic isn’t my only defining characteristic. Why would anyone care if I think they’re blog is good? I’m not exactly the person anyone would ask.