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Please read this. If you are not a Christian and think that Christianity is a religion of hate please read this because that is not who we are.  

I have seen stuff online that are frankly making me sick like this:

This was posted to facebook by a person who I’ve known and respected my whole life. This statement is not Christianity.  I wanted to reach out to anyone who is or has ever been verbally or physically attacked by a Christian. We are not all like this. 
Christians are people who are saved by the grace of God. We are not better than anyone. We are not worthy of His love. We are freed. We are called by Christ to love God above all else and love our neighbors as our selves. 

We are not called to judge. We are not called to hate. 

Christ teaches radical love and kindness towards others. No matter who you are or what your life has been the love Christ is there and as Christians we are called to share it with all people. 

Much love


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A Thing I Noticed About Phones 

Hello, humans of the internet! Last night I went to Augusta to see Dan and Phil’s stage show, Interactive Interverts. It was, of course, a great experience. As much as I would like to just talk about that for 10 hours straight, I’m going to talk about something I noticed about humans.  

Humans, especially young humans, are obsessed with they’re phones.  First of all, show etiquette, don’t take pictures and film the whole time. No one behind you wants to watch the show through your phone screen because you’re holding it up in front of them. Second, still show etiquette, flash, is super distracting to actors and preformers. Just don’t do it.  

That aside back to what I noticed about teens and phones. They can’t put them down. During the show they were all snap chatting pictures of themselves at the show. As soon as intermission started, they were all looking down at their phones. Now, I get it, I will also do almost anything to avoid social interactions. I’m on my phone right now im the break room not talking to anyone. But, can we try to maybe live in the moment, whatever the moment is. Be it a show, concert, family time, a shopping trip with your friends, whatever the moment is. Let’s try to be in it. Every moment will only happen once. 

Anyway, I’m feeling a little sentimental today. I hope you are all having a great week, now put your phone down. 

Much love


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June 2018 Highs, Lows, and Uh-ohs

Hello humans of the internet another month has gone by. June did not hold any personal lows for me. It wasn’t great as the political climate in the U.S. has gotten increasingly tense and some pretty terrible things have been going on for a long time in this country. I hope that in the near future we are able to right some wrongs and heal as a nation.

Anyway, on with the post, I hope it amuses you. 

Highs: planing to see Shultz next month (it turns out I don’t get to because military. 

Buying baby clothes because I know two people who are pregnant.  I love babies so much. 

Uh-ohs: remember dyslexic discoveries, 2 and  for actually look the same?  I did put the numbers on backwards

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Dyslexic Disvoveries

Hello humans of the internet! I made a discovery just now and wanted to share it with the world. If you take the number 2 and rotate it 180 degrees, it does not make a number 5. I am now concerned that there’s people out there with backwards numbers on their shirts…

Much love


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Long Week

Hello humans of the internet. It’s been a really long week culminating in a car accident. Everyone’s okay. But I thought today we could all just take a second to appreciate Doctor. Doctor is an excellent bunny. 

Doctor on a leash. He’s actually a real fan of the harness. I was worried because a lot of rabbits do not like stuff like this, but some are completely comfortable on a leash. I thought I’d try it and if he started to seem stressed we’d forget about it and it turned out he loves it
And little baby Doctor. I can’t believe he’s a year old! His birthday was in May, but he’s now been in my life for a year.
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No Silence.

Hello Humans of the internet!  I had originally planed a light hearted post about making a baby blanket for my best friend and trying to follow a crochet pattern.  But here’s the thing, at this point in time, I’m not feeling light-hearted at all.  I’m feeling moved to speak and moved to action.  I don’t know what I can do, but I must do something and my limited talents include typing so I will type.

This is not a news source so I will not describe the events of recent weeks.  I will direct you to valid news sources such as NPR, PBS, or the BBC.  Here is one article.  I’m not here to blame anyone.  Because things like this can’t just happen because of one person’s policy.  Nothing happens in a vacuum and there’s a million things that I don’t understand leading up to this moment in time.  But here we are at this moment in time and I think how we proceed will say a lot about who we are.

I will say that I am angry and I don’t know how to proceed.  I don’t know how to help, but I want to.  If you know how to help, tell me.  Please.

much love to all people regardless of nationality or creed,


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3 Things to Stop Saying to Dyslexic People

Hello humans of the internet. This has been a busy week a lot has happened, most of which I can’t say because it involves other people’s private business and they don’t want their lives all over the internet. Today I’m talking about things you shouldn’t say to dyslexic people. Since you’re all kind humans as far as I can tell, yore probably not saying any of these things. However, these are all things that people have honestly told me. 

1. “Sometimes I mix up you’re and your, I must be dyslexic too” or some variation on this. This one really doesn’t bother me all that much because I understand that it’s how some people try to relate. (In my personal experience, this mostly comes from family members) the only time this becomes a problem is when this person who does not have dyslexia tries to tell you what your experience is. I’ve had family members tell me that I should be able to read something because they can. (Family members who are by no means dyslexic but happen to mix up certain words like you’re and your).

2. “I would’ve never known you were dyslexic, you’re so smart”  intelligence and dyslexic aren’t mutually exclusive. You can be both. 

3. “Oh, you’re dyslexic, I thought you were smarter than that” again, intelligence and dyslexia are not mutually exclusive. I know that these are similar, but I wanted to include both. I literally had a guy break a date upon finding out I’m dyslexic because he thought I was smarter than that. What does that even mean? 

Are you dyslexic? Do you have any kind of disability? What do you wish people would stop saying to you? Have people said stuff like this to y’all? Let’s talk about this. 

Much love,


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Mystery Monday: Be Strong Edition

Hello humans of the internet. I hope y’all are enjoying these posts even though they’re a little all over the place. On Friday there will be any actual dyslexia post to look forward to. 

But today, I’m opening another mystery toy. Why? Because opening these brings me happiness. I hope reading these slightly emotional posts brings you happiness. 

While at Wal-Mart yesterday (of course I was at Wal-Mart) I picked up some new tsum tsums. I mean my drawer of unopened mystery toys was almost empty. Anyway, I found this adorable popcorn bag. Who can say no to anything that looks like food? 

What’s not cute about a bag of popcorn. And there were really great options for what could be in the bag of popcorn

I personally really want Aurora because I loved Sleeping Beauty as a kid. I especially liked Maleficent turning into a dragon. But Judy Hopps is a close second. 

Honestly it was a lot of pieces and I didn’t know who it was at first. 

It took longer to get all the pieces together then I care to admit… but it’s Judy Hopps! And she is going to sit on my desk as a reminder to never stop trying to make the world a better place. 

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Fish days

Hello humans of the internet. I’m taking about creatures today y’all. Specifically fish, but first, Doctor. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about Doctor. He’s living his best spoiled bunny life (you can ask Shultz he judges me a little bit). My original plan was to breed Doctor, but he can’t handle heat and we live in South Carolina so he lives happily in my bedroom and I will find a more resilient pair to start my herd.  

Now on to fish, I’ve had a tank set up for about 8 months now. It’s heavily planted and the plants are doing great (so great in fact that I had to set up a second tank for the plants that out grew the first tank). Anyway, I was excited because there’s now some little neon tetras in my tank among the jungle of water plants. 

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Mystery Monday: long distance relationship edition

Hello humans of the internet. If any of you are now or have been in a long distance relationship then you probably understand that some days are easier than others. Honestly at first I thought I wad going to be fine because me and Schulz have been friends for so long and our friendship has persisted through distance and all kinds of things. However, it turns out this is a lot harder. Like a lot harder. Today (Sunday when I’m writing this) has been a particularly hard day. I’m currently waiting for Schulz to finish preparing for an inspection so we can video, so I decided I deserve a mystery toy. 

Lucky for me I have a desk drawer especially for unopened mystery toys just in case I decide I need one. I went with this tsum tsum:

I’ve been holding on to this particular one for a while. I would like to point out that out of all of these (way too many mystery toys) I’ve only had two repeats) luckily this one was a new one. 

As you can see you can barely tell what this is in this picture. It’s Figaro from Pinocchio. I watched Pinocchio a lot growing up because its my momma’s favourite Disney movie. (Mine was The Sword in the Stone). 

Here is a slightly better picture of the adorable Figaro tsum tsum. 
Did giving myself a toy make anything easier? Absolutely not. But it wad fun and doing this while thing has distracted me for over an hour which is one less hour that I’m moping around. (Schulz if you’re reading this please don’t think I’m moping around all the time. Today I was, but most days I handle it like a strong woman).

Much love,