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One last post about decorations

Hello humans of the internet! Since I’m decorating for Christmas I can’t neglect my plants.

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Claw Machine Win

Hello humans of the internet! I went to the store because groceries and of course because I was bored I played the claw machine. It’s not that exciting of a blog post. I got groceries and played the claw machine and won! Now I have a super soft polar bear. It is stained with red on the back which is the exact same color as the red Santa that it was leaning on. I’m assuming that it had something to do with the color and the machine being in the sun. It’s a super cute polar bear and it matches some of Christmas decorations. I will wash it when I get home and see if the stain comes out.

Much love


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Hello humans of the internet! Yes, I’m decorating one tiny room for Christmas and I’m basically doing one little space at a time. Today the decoration area is the bookshelf (it’s secretly a night stand).

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