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Tricks and Copes #4

Hello humans of the internet. I was reading over some old blog posts and realized is been a really long time since I did a tricks and copes post.  This was something that I had originally planned to post once a month.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep that up simply because I don’t discover these that frequently. 

Tricks and Copes #4: audio books

This is one that most people with dyslexia heat about at a very young age.  However,  because I was not identified until I was 15, I missed out on a lot of things that would have benefited my education. I had heard of audio books before,  of course.  My grandmother listened to them when she was driving.  I just believed that they only had historical romance novels and the bible as audio books. 

It wasn’t until a sleepless night early I  my college career that I discovered audio books on the school library’s website.  It opened up a whole world for me. Audio books made reading plays so much easier for me to understand.  I mean,  it made everything easier,  but as I was a theater major, I read a lot of plays. 

I’ve been told that most people who are identified early,  are told to use audio books.  Thoes people are very lucky. I did wonder if anyone ergo doesn’t have trouble reading enjoys audio books.  It’s always a little disappointing that it’s more expensive then a regular book. I do understand why.  All the people working on it deserve to be paid fairly for their work. 

Have a wonderful weekend!  Much love AK!

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Tricks and Copes #3

Hello, people of the internet.  It’s been a while since I wrote a tricks and copes post.  By a while I mean it think that it’s been over a year.  Hopefully, you come here more for entertainment.  Today’s trick relates to telling right from left.  I don’t know about everyone with dyslexia, but I and several people that I have met who also have dyslexia have trouble with this.  This is something that I have worried about a lot when I was younger, mostly because it was a highly embarrassing thing back in middle school.  So today’s trick is (cue happy level up music). . .

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Tricks and Copes #2

So, I have found another trick (cue happy music).  This one I most likely should have figured out years ago and probably would have if I hadn’t been so stubborn.

Trick and Cope 2:  ASK FOR HELP.

I know, crazy, isn’t it.  Who would ask for help doing something that they were physically incapable of doing?  I personally have always been afraid to ask someone for help reading.  What if they thought I was less intelligent just because reading was difficult for me???  What if they laugh at me???  What if they are actually really cool about it, but I’m overly awkward because I’m expecting them not to be???  What if I actually have social anxiety???  What if I can’t stay on topic???

Slight break down aside, asking for help may seem like the obvious thing to do, but it is super difficult.  No one wants to feel like a burden.  I don’t want my friends or family to feel like I’m constantly asking for help.  But here’s the thing:  if someone really cares about you, they won’t mind helping you.  Put yourself into their shoes, if you had a friend that needed help with something, that you found easy, wouldn’t you be happy to help them?  If you don’t believe me, allow me to add in a little anecdotal evidence.

Earlier this week, my friend and I were working on homework together.  For one of my classes I am required to read Aristotle’s Nichomacean Ethics.  Very difficult read (I do recommend it, though).  When I came across words, phrases, or even whole paragraphs that I couldn’t understand, I did the unthinkable.  At least it would have been unthinkable for me until fairly recently.  I asked him what it said.  And you know what?  He didn’t laugh.  He didn’t make fun of me.  He wasn’t exasperated.  He wasn’t annoyed.  He didn’t think I was stupid.  He just read it out loud for me.

I pray that anyone who has a disablity to ask for help because someone, a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, room mate, sibling, parent, teacher, someone, will help you with zero judgement.  I also pray that anyone who is asked for help can be able to give that help without making the other person feel inferior.  It is a beautiful world full of beautiful people.

Until next time, keep it weird.

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Tricks and Copes

Since this blog is dedicated to helping people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities be comfortable with how they are, I though that it would make sense to occasionally have some coping skills that I’ve learned over the years.  If you know some add them to the comments, maybe I’ll make a blog post about it.

Today’s coping skill is (open video game treasure chest to tune of the you did it music) sign language.

Obviously I can’t speak for everyone, this is just something that works for me.  Back in high school, I learned the ASL alphabet.  It wasn’t until a few months ago that I discovered that I could learn how to spell using it.  I don’t definitively know why, but I do have a theory.  Dyslexia has to do with understanding the shapes of letters and words.  ASL is a form of communication that does not involve writing.  So, I use sign language to cut out the middle man so to speak.  I’ve learned a lot of words with this method including “Zucchini” and “Parasite.”

As someone who has a lot of trouble with spelling, this has made me feel incredibly mighty.  Unfortunately I have yet to bring my new trick to the page, but at least I can spell at people.  If there is a spelling bee for college students, I’m set.