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Yet Another post about Hurricanes

Hello Humans of the internet!  I hope you aren’t tired of me since I’ve been posting for three days straight.  I’ve just been incredibly bored and seeing as we still have power and an internet connection, why not blog?   Continue reading “Yet Another post about Hurricanes”

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More About Hurricanes

Hello Humans of the Internet!  My grandparents are safely evacuated and staying at our house.  I know its Saturday.  I’m stuck in a house with most of my family, so I’m blogging and hanging out with my bunny instead of talking about politics.

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Let’s Talk about Weather

Hello Humans of the internet.  It’s hurricane season.  It happens every year.  Some years are worse then others.  This year is shaping up to be one of the worse type of years.  Heads up, there’s a hurricane (maybe two) coming.  I’ll try to keep up my blogging schedule.  If the power goes out, there’s not much I can do though.  My parents lost power for 5 days last year.  Just a heads up about the week ahead.     Continue reading “Let’s Talk about Weather”