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Thoughts while my boyfriend is deployed

Hello humans of the internet! Have I gotten a little slack with my blog again? Yes, yes I have. I have been a little preoccupied with the whole, my boyfriend is deployed so I thought it would be fun (in a not particularly fun way) to share what the thoughts have been going through my head lately.

This has been a really long time

This has only been like 3 weeks.

It feels like it’s only been like a day

It some how also feels like it’s been an eternity

Ohmygod! I have to show that to Schulz!

Oh never mind.

Peggy is so big, I wish Schulz didn’t have to miss this.

It’s been soooooo long. How has it been so long.

Oooo, I should get that Mickey toaster, it’s on sale and Schulz loves Mickey.

Well, now I’m thinking about Schulz for the 4000th time this hour.

I’m going to go for a walk

Schulz likes walks.

Well now I look like a pathetic girl that’s crying walking down the street.

I have to show Schulz this video!

Oh, never mind.

I’ll just add that to the list of things that I can show to Schulz when he gets back

This list is getting really long. I still have like what 6 months left to go and this list is getting really long.

I wonder what Schulz is doing right now?

Honestly, probably doing his job, actually.

I wonder what time it is for him. that would be easier to figure out if I knew where he was.

Next person who says, “Oh, have you heard from your boyfriend lately?” might just get punched. Nothing to do with them, I’m just sick of hearing if.

What is actually going on in this country right now? I mean honestly, have you seen the laws? Have you seen what’s going on here? We need help.

Schulz better get back soon.

If he has anymore new scars, I swear I will find who ever did it and fight them.

Actually, I’ll just cry and hug you and hope you never have to leave again.

I just really miss him.

So, that’s all that I’ve got for today. Schulz is pretty much the only thing on my mind.

much love


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The Problem With Sunglasses

Hello Humans of the internet! I’m a person that wears glasses. I need my glasses and by need my glasses I mean that I can see about 10 centimeters when I don’t have them on. Oh, what’s that? You don’t understand what that has to do with sunglasses. Let me tell you.

When you wear glasses, you’re limited on your sunglasses options. You can wear those giant sunglasses that go over your glasses, except I prefer to wear larger framed glasses so they don’t always fit over my glasses. And have you ever worn two pairs of glasses ? It’s not comfortable.

You can wear those things that clip on over the frames. I don’t know if you know what they are called or if you know what I’m talking about. I just call them dad sunglasses.

Or you can get prescription sunglasses. But that’s so expensive. What if I want to have sunglasses that match my outfits? What if I want to have weird shaped glasses? Like stars or hearts. What if I want rainbow colored sunglasses? None for me. I guess you could be like Schulz and just take off your glasses and put on sunglasses. That seems very dangerous to me though. I don’t want to walk around not being able to see.

And fashion aside: sun protection.

And yes, I know that I could technically wear contacts and then I could wear sunglasses. But contacts are a pain.

Am I just being fussy and whining about this when there are lots of possible solutions? yes. I just want to have eyes that can see and the ability to go to the store and get fun, cheap sunglasses. And I want to drive without having the sun in my eyes. That’s all. That was a bit of a rant, so I’ll just stop now. I like sunglasses and I’m jealous of all the people that can just wake up in the morning and see without putting anything on their face.

much love


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Peggy Time!

Hello Humans of the internet! You know what I haven’t talked about in a long time? My amazing puppy, Peg! She’s still perfect, in case y’all thought maybe she wasn’t perfect anymore. She does keep me very busy and is extremely hard to photograph. So difficult to photograph. Like all the pictures I have of her, she looks like possessed demon creature. So here’s a Peggy update.

Peggy will be 5 months on the 19th, and it is honestly insane to think about. She is huge. I have no idea how big she’s going to get, but right now she’s 25 lbs and about as tall as my knee. I can still pick her up, I’m just going to have to work out so I can keep carrying her around. She had a little tiny toy tire that I bought for her before she could even come home. We’ve had to upgrade her to a larger tire toy because her original one was becoming a choking hazard. The downside being that she now thinks that all tires are hers including tires that are attached to the lawn mowers, so lets hope she doesn’t get any bigger and decide that my car’s tires are hers too. Her tricks include chasing the cat but stopping right before catching her, going in and out of her box and expecting a treat every time, and getting Schulz to give her about 5 more treats than I would give her. I can’t fault Schulz too much though because he was about to leave for like 6 to 9 months. He’s allowed to spoil her a little while he’s home. Isn’t military great with all the super fun unknowns!?

Peggy’s best trick is her little puppy hugs. I mean she usually gets bored and starts chewing on your clothes or hair, but the first 5 seconds of her puppy hugs are great.

If anyone has a magical way that they trained a puppy to not chew every thing and not jump on everyone, could you please share. Thanks.

much love


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Plant Propagation Update

Hello Humans of the internet! I don’t know if y’all remember, but a while a go I did a post about doing stuff with my plants and my propagating experiments. That’s right here if you are interested in reading that, it’l make this post a little more exciting.

For starters, the umbrella tree propagation attempt did not work. Both of them died. But the pothos and the jade are doing great. The pothos is growing the fastest because it is pothos. So, this isn’t an interesting post really, but here y’all go. I hope y’all like my plants and their growth.

Here’s a pothos getting a pretty long root definitely not ready to pot
Here’s one that I was testing it’s rooting ability in a dark area. It’s not dead, but it’d not thriving either so, I moved her to the bright window and hopefully she’ll be thriving like the others soon.
This is the one that I decided it’s time to pot.
And here it is in a nice new pot with some tiny fairy chairs.
Here’s my only little jade cutting that is taking root. if you look really close you can see it’s little tiny root.
See, it’s right there.

I hope you enjoy seeing these little thriving plants. They make me happy and it’s exciting to see them growing and changing. Does anyone else have way too many house plants? If so what’s your favorite type?

much love


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Thoughts while dressing the store mannequin

Hello Humans of the internet! The company I work for prints t-shirts and other garments, primarily. Part of my job is dressing our two mannequins. They are both a little sad and broken. I named them, but I haven’t told anyone that because I feel like most people at work would think I’m crazy. But the names will help keeping the story straight, so the tall one is named Marge and the half body mannequin is named Barb.

Thoughts while dressing Barb. It must be so weird to be eyelevel with the average persons boobs.

Thoughts while dressing Marge: (it is important to note here that one of Marge’s arms is frozen in place and by frozen I mean, it was going to fall off so I duct taped it.) Why is it so hard to get clothes on her? her body is like an extra small, but you need a medium or a large to go over her head and get the duct taped limb in the arm hole. As I was getting increasingly frustrated with Marge I remembered being younger when I broke my arm and couldn’t move it much and how frustrating that was. And then I started thinking about how frustrating it must be to buy clothes if you have physical disabilities. I mean clothes barely work for the “average” person. I can’t imagine what it must be like to go shopping if you don’t have a typical body. For example if you had a arm with minimal movement, would you have to get a shirt several sizes too big like Marge? I hope no one takes this insultingly, but genuinely, if you are a person that has a physical disability and feel comfortable talking about it, would you mind telling if you are able to find readily available clothing that fits your body and style? Because I really hope that you can and I’m just ignorant on this one.

much love


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April 2019 Highlights

Hello humans of the internet! It’s that time of the month again where we talk about all the best things that happened in the last 30-ish days. This month was amazing and incredibly difficult. But we are focusing on the good here

So, this month I got to spend 12 days with Schulz so that was super exciting. We had a lot of fun. Nothing that would make a good blog post. We went to the movies, we walked went grocery shopping, we got pizza. One super fun thing we did was take pictures on a Polaroid style camera. It’s not the brand, but it’s the same instant picture idea so that’s the easiest way to describe it. Any way we went out and took pictures by the lake in town. It was fun to watch the pictures develop right in front of you. Schulz took a lot of the pictures with him, but I did keep my favorites and put them in this fun little frame thing that I made.

I found this giant piggie plushie at Books-A-Million while we were finding reading material for Matthew’s deployment. Her name is Kokie.

Now there is a story here. Some of you might remember awhile back when I got a narwhal out of a claw machine in front of our Walmart and was really excited. this same machine had a small piggie that I really wanted. I’m also super socially awkward. So, when I was trying to get the piggie, I noticed a person standing really close to me. Like really, really close to me. Like so close I wanted to tell him to back up. Instead of turning around a pushing him back because he was so close I could feel his breath, I quit and left even though I was really close to getting the piggie. So, I walk back to my car and as I’m driving away I see the man who was way too close swinging around the piggie by his tail as he walked out the door. It was the only piggie, so I waited and waited for them to restock the machine. I did play a few times and got a otter. And then they finally restocked the machine with a different type of toy. So, when I was in Books-A-Million, I found this giant version of the piggie and she was on sale so now it lives with me.

My final high is that I’m this much closer to Schulz coming home. Which is is how I’m choosing to look at this. I know he just left, but now it’s closer to him coming home that it was yesterday. And tomorrow will be closer than today. I know that I’ll have days during the next several months where I won’t feel as positive. But I know that this isn’t forever and he will be home.

What were the highlights of y’all’s April? Did y’all have a good Easter?

Much love


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Mystery Monday Tokidoki Edition

Hello humans of the internet! I’m opening mystery toys again. Why? because I enjoy them and no one has complained so I’m gonna keep opening them and posting about it so I have an excuse to open them.

Today I’m opening this thing which is super cute. I’ve seen them before and I love them so I finally bought one. I think they are usually plastic figures, but this one is a little plushie.

I’m hoping for one of the little mermaid guys. They’re super cute!
But I got this cutie! Honestly not even disappointed. The little cloud on his tummy is crying. It’s so cute and rainbow.

So this was a super fun thing that I found when I was looking for shampoo in a Walgreens. I mean I got really distracted and ended up on a completely different row from where the shampoo was to find it, but I left for shampoo, which I would like to point out I didn’t buy. This little cutie who the package says is named Trixie is going to join the rotation of little plushies that hang out on my purse (backpack that I use as a purse). I know that my nail polish looks super junkie here, I haven’t painted my nails in ages.

much love


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Back Again

Hello Humans of the internet! I know that I took a little longer off from blogging than I intended. I meant to get back to writing as soon as Schulz left. Once he came and left I realized that it’s a lot harder emotionally. I knew it was going to be hard, I don’t know why I thought I’d be totally okay the next day. That was really expecting a lot of myself.

I wanted to talk about Peggy meeting Schulz because it was super cute. I wanted to take a bunch of pictures or film it or something. But that didn’t happen.

I drove up to the airport to pick up Schulz with just me and Peggy. It was the longest trip Peggy has made, I was really proud of her. When Peggy rides with me, she rides safely in the back in her travel crate. I do want to point out that while the create is technically in the trunk area of my car, the trunk isn’t actually separate from the rest of the car and she’s in the air conditioner. Anyway, that’s a lot safer than having her roaming around where she would be seriously injured in the event of a car accident. (I am working on getting her a like dog seat belt type thing). That aside it was a long ride and Peggy did a very good job, we listened to the radio and Peggy napped.

We got to the airport super early, because I gave myself time to get lost about 3-4 times and only got lost 2, so dyslexia win. Peggy was really well behaved at the airport, too. She did try to meet every single person who walked by, but responded really well when I told her to stop. Turns out she’s scared of airplane noises. I discovered this when we heard one landing and Peggy jumped into my arms kind of like Scooby Doo. So, we waited. Peggy tried to eat cigarette butts a lot. You have no idea how many cigarette butts are on the sidewalk at the airport. We did take this one picture between her trying to eat trash.

This was Peggy looking at the door to the airport. I like to think she was waiting for Schulz and understood what was happening, but I’m pretty sure she’s just saw that there were more people inside than outside. Finally, finally, my phone when off and Schulz was telling me that he had landed then what felt like hours later, but was actually just a few minutes he was walking out of the airport. And yes Schulz was more excited to see Peggy than to see me. Literally, he gave me a quick kiss and then was on the ground with Peggy loving on her.

I hope that y’all enjoyed a really long description of Schulz meeting Peggy instead of lots of pictures or a video like I planned. If she’d stopped trying to eat cigarette butts, I might have remembered to take more pictures.

much love


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Quick update before disappearing for 2 weeks

Hello humans of the internet! If you’re new here, welcome, especially firsttimemarinekeeper, because I got a notification that you followed in the middle of writing that sentence. Haven’t read any of your posts yet but I hope you’re really enjoying your fish. Fish are amazing creatures.

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March 2019 Highlight

Hello humans of the internet! Its already April. I feel like 2019 is somehow speeding by and taking forever. But today its time for the March highlights. There aren’t a ton but they are good ones

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