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All the critters

Hello humans of the internet! I just wanted to give a brief update on Soot, Benedict, and Doctor.

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Is it 1998?

Hello humans of the internet get ready for some nostalgia. Unless the late 90s and early 2000s ate not particularly nostalgic for you. I was born in 1995, so all my happy child memories agree between 1998 and 2005. After that there was middle school.

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January highlights

January was spent practicing for a play and preparing for puppy to come home. Which is why this is late she’s been home for 3 days now.

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Kawaii Again

Hello humans of the internet! Y’all know I love cute stuff. So I’m back with another Kawaii Box, why? Because its fun and honestly this is me time, join me if you want I’m having a great time.

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New Year’s Resolutions

Hello humans of the internet. Yes I’m aware its January 25th and most people have already made and broken their new year’s resolutions. And technically I’m in the same boat as my new year’s resolution was to blog more consistently and missed the first 20 days of the year. But I’ve come to a conclusion: every day is new year’s. Meaning everyday is a chance to change your life. See we all wait until beginnings to make a change when we could make a beginning so this is it. January 25th is a beginning

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Oops again

Hello humans of the internet! AK here. I hope y’all haven’t forgotten me. I really believed I had some scheduled posts for the past 2 weekscouple of weeks. I do have some very Christmas related and very New year related posts that I will probably not post as that’s over now. I’m sorry about that. My only resolution this year was to blog more reliably and I’ve missed the first 20 days. In my defense 2019 has already been a long year. I mean there’s already been ups and downs. Work has been busy which I wasn’t expecting considering I thought Christmas was the busy time. Pastor Tim and I are still working on the ask the pastor segment which will be coming out soon. So if anyone has any questions they want to ask a pastor, please ask and it will probably appear in a later video. I will link them for y’all when they come out. I don’t know if y’all would be interested in watching that but if y’all are I’ll put a link when it comes out. Another exciting things:

  • I’m in a play again. So don’t expect super consistent posts until March 3rd.
  • I might get to see Schulz in February
  • We’re getting a puppy!

As you can see she’s very well behaved already. Very sweet. She’s not quite old enough to come home yet. But expect a lot of posts about her. I think I know what we’re naming her, but of course I’m waiting for Schulz to have phone signal before I commit to a name. If you have a name feel free to comment it below. Its exciting she’s the first pet we’re getting together. Yes I did feel bad and get Benedict, Doctor and Soot their favorite treats. I would have gotten something for Blossom, but she lives with Schulz’s parents and I font know her as well. Blossom is Schulz’s kitty. Sushi, being a beta fish doesn’t have a favorite treat. So basically we already have a house full and we’re barely starting out. Also don’t let Soot tell you she’s being neglected in favor of the puppy, she is sleeping in my bed under the covers as I write this.

Did I ever tell y’all about how we got Soot? She showed up and now she lives here.

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Airport thoughts

I have an hour to spare of lay over so I thought I’d compose a list of the thoughts I’ve had in airports.

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Looking to 2019

Hello humans of the internet! This is something I’m really excited about. Our new pastor, Pastor Tim and I are starting a project that will be coming in 2019. For now we are asking for any questions that you might have for a pastor. The idea is faithful responses to real questions. Any questions that you might have can be sent either in the comments below, to my email,, a direct message on my Twitter, or head over to facebook and send a message to the Fairfax Lutheran Parish page.

An important note: we welcome all people and all questions. Don’t be afraid to ask something.

Much love


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Packing for Christmas

Hello humans of the internet! I would like to start off by saying that I successfully found Christmas presents for everyone. And I’m very close to being done packing for Christmas. By that I mean I’ll only have to rearrange and banish items only 3 or 4 more times. I have discovered that Christmas packing is so much harder than regular packing because a large part of the suitcase is presents.

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Happy Advent

Hello Humans of the internet.  Yes it is several days into advent.  No I haven’t posted anything about Advent yet.  I’m sorry.  I’ve been really busy.  My Christmas shopping is actually almost done.  I just want to take a moment a be impressed with myself.  I mean there’s a couple of people on my list (2) and I really need to get them gifts (like it might be embarrassing that I don’t have anything for them).  Which leads me to ask a couple of questions about this holiday we call Christmas. Continue reading “Happy Advent”