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Just Another Day in February

Hello humans of the internet! I hope everyone had a great day yesterday. Personally, I went to a funeral that I didn’t know was happening because people had forgotten to tell me that the person had passed. In their defense a lot has been going on in my family. The first baby of the next generation was born a week ago today. It has been an emotional week. I’m so excited for my cousin and his wife. I’m going to miss Ms. Lola.

And it’s the week that my book went on sale and it’s weird because it feels so insignificant right now. Writing a book has been a dream of mine my whole life. In the 9th grade we had to write a letter to ourselves in ten years and I wrote, “I aspire to be a writer.”

Did I celebrate Valentine’s day? No. I got in a fight with my boyfriend.

I realize that this is a super rambling post and that’s how I feel right now. I hope that everyone had a better random day in February.

Please let me know what y’all did on Valentine’s Day.

Much love

Anna Katherine


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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