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Christmas Gift Ideas

Hello humans of the internet! Are you still trying to think of a Christmas gift for someone? I decided to make a list of Christmas gift ideas.

  • Books. Any age. Even if they are an avid reader there are so many books in this world you can find one that they haven’t read yet.
  • Nail polish. Only applicable if they like nail polish but if they do they always need more.
  • Socks. Everyone needs warm feet.
  • Plants. It’s the gift of oxygen. Who can be mad about that?
  • Pokemon cards. If they have ever played a pokemon game, they like pokemon cards. It’s just how it is.
  • Dog food. Only applicable if they have a dog. But if they do, especially if they have a big dog, give them dog food.
  • Blankets. Similar logic to the socks. Everyone needs to be warm.
  • Or a mug. I give people mugs all the time. You can get mugs specific to the gift receiver’s interests. Do they like dinosaurs? Get them a dinosaur mug. Do they like books? Give them a mug with a quote on it.

I hope this was helpful, but I recognize that it probably isn’t.

Much love

Anna Katherine


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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