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One last post about decorations

Hello humans of the internet! Since I’m decorating for Christmas I can’t neglect my plants.

Here’s a little nutcracker set up with a few of my plants. Mostly recently planted propagations actually; including my Christmas cactus propagation in the back there. It’s still very small but, it’s grown a lot. I imagine it will be a long time before it blooms.

This is my last decorations post because I don’t have much else to decorate. We might try to decorate our tree but our tree is only a foot and a half tall, I don’t want it to tip over.

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4 thoughts on “One last post about decorations

  1. I just returned from our farm stand where they have decorated herbs with little bows to mimic Christmas trees. Pretty fun. Sorry you are all done decorating. I guess I will have to wait for your Valentine’s decor.

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