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Hello humans of the internet! Yes, I’m decorating one tiny room for Christmas and I’m basically doing one little space at a time. Today the decoration area is the bookshelf (it’s secretly a night stand).

My bookshelf decorations include a ceramic green tree that we got last year when we celebrated Christmas in San Diego. And a pink tinsel tree that I found at a store called Poundland when I was studying in London. I also used thumbtacks to to attach the fancy strings to the wall (super fancy Dollar Tree string). And hanging on the string is some Christmas cards I’ve gotten from friends and some pictures of me and Schulz. Basically this is now a sappy memory bookshelf instead of a regular bookshelf. Also I’m realizing that you can see the peeled paint from a poster that I used to have on the wall in high school. That’s life and I don’t really want to take another picture and try to hide that. I will probably add a few more things to the bookshelf. What do you think is missing?

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