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Christmas Tree

Hello humans of the internet! It’s December and that means it’s time to start focusing on Christmas for me at least. Some people are already doing Christmas, some haven’t started yet and some don’t celebrate Christmas at all. I got my Christmas tree today. I wish I could say it was some super cool and romantic outing where the two of us went to the Christmas tree farm. But he has work up to like 5 days before Christmas so I went to Walmart and sent him pictures of trees until we decided on one. Earlier in November they had a larger selection of trees and I had one mentally picked out. But obviously, that’s not how that works and that tree is gone. We have a different tree which I was calling the inferior tree. I’m not calling it that anymore because it’s not the tree’s fault that someone else bought the tree I had mentally selected as the superior tree. Here is the tree in the car on the way home.

Yes my car is a mess. Focus on the tree. Also let me know what you think? Have you put up your tree yet? Do you do fake tree, real tree, potted tree, or something else all together? Growing up we almost always cut down a tree in our yard.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Tree

  1. You caught me looking at the mess on the floor of your car! I love the little tree. We cut ours with our grandchildren at a place called “Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree Farm,” because they love all the trees, even the scrawny ones. The biggest issue of course is always wanting one way too tall for our living room.

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