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I Guess It’s Christmas?

Hello humans of the internet! It’s November 10th. I know we haven’t had Thanksgiving yet. Yesterday, one of my best friends and I went Christmas shopping. And apparently it’s Christmas.

I had a girls’ day with Rachel (literally one of the only people I hang out with, any time I say I’m with a friend it’s her). I did buy some Thanksgiving decorations but that’s another story. More importantly I discovered that it’s Christmas now. There was Christmas music. The stores smelled like Christmas. Everything was red and green and white. There were Christmas lights. Starbucks had out festive drinks and festive cups. I was most excited for peppermint hot chocolate! Peppermint hot chocolate is my favorite drink of all time. We went to a craft store which was a Christmas wonderland with a little tiny shelf of Hannukah (please correct me if that is spelled wrong). There was a tiny menorah. I’m not Jewish, but I did consider buying it for Schulz. He’s not Jewish either. But there’s Hebrew in his family tree. There was also a whole row of nativities. I do need one because I don’t have a nativity, but I want to pick out something like that with Schulz. Rachel found an adorable plushie nativity, which is the cutest thing for kids.

Anyway as I was going on a festive quest with Rachel for a particular size clothes pin for a garland idea, I couldn’t help but think of how just a few years ago I would have been the person grumpily complaining about Christmas decorations being up before Thanksgiving. But this year I was looking at decorations and Christmas lights and having a great time. I mean I also bought discount Halloween stuff because I’m me. But I was feeling the Christmas spirit.


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3 thoughts on “I Guess It’s Christmas?

  1. I am looking to see if you end up being a Christmas fanatic. I am even though I refuse to put anything up until after Thanksgiving. Glad you are feeling better after missing the best of Halloween.

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    1. I enjoy decorations at Halloween and I’ve discovered that there are so many decoration options at Christmas. I am working on some posts about making Christmas decorations.

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