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Happy Halloween

Hello humans of the internet! It’s finally Halloween! I had plans for the day. I was going to wake up early to do my makeup, put on my bat costume, dress up Peggy and take pictures before work. But if you remember, I’ve been sick, so I slept in, went on the shortest walk Peggy has ever experienced and got to work with no makeup, but at least I had cat ears on.

Then I hung out with a coworker’s baby. (Don’t worry, my sickness isn’t contagious) She was dressed as a butterfly, it was adorable.

My coworker and I made a sticker for my suitcase.

When I got home, while I was getting Peggy’s Halloween costume out, she pooped inside for the first time since she was 2 months old. Last time she pooped in the house she was only 10 lbs. In the least graphic way possible, she pooped so much it took 2 large poop bags to pick it up. 2. And she didn’t just poop in the house. She pooped on my momma’s rug.

So, no she doesn’t have a cute picture of her Halloween outfit. She is in time out. Well not anymore, but now I’m tired from cleaning the rug.

Anyway, Halloween has been fun. But, I’m honestly ready to get ready for Christmas. Which is the scariest thing this year. I’ve become a mildly sentimental adult that enjoys the joyful spirit surrounding Christmas. I think we can all blame Schulz.


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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