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Eye Doctor Appointments with dyslexia

Hello humans of the internet! What do eye doctor appointments have to do with dyslexia? Well, at the eye doctor, you have to read a poster for them to figure out your vision. So, if you can imagine for a moment, that letter is perfectly in focus, you just have no idea if it’s an S or a Z. And then you’re just sat there in silence until the doctor goes, can’t read that one? And you’re like, yes and no. No, but not because the prescription is wrong. I just can’t read…like I can read. If that was a sentence I would be able to figure out the meaning probably. But not the letters with no context clues. I can’t scan the paragraph for words that I can figure out and use them to solve the puzzle. There is no puzzle. It is just random letters. Also, bat ears in spooky waiting room lighting that me look blonde? (Yes, I go to the doctor a lot. None of it is super serious)


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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