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Places that are almost certainly always haunted

Hello humans of the internet! I’ve always loved exploring on my own and because of that, I’ve discovered a lot of creepy places. So, I thought I’d make a list of places that are arguably, haunted.

  1. Cemeteries that are attached to a church. I don’t know why these have a much darker vibe than any other burial site.
  2. Houses older than 1940. There’s no way it existed this long without picking up energy.
  3. Schools. All schools. If you don’t believe me, walk through a school after the lights are off.
  4. Walmart after 10pm. Before it’s fine. After 10 pm, it always feels like someone is right behind you.
  5. Partially collapsed buildings on main street in small southern towns. The windows might be broken. The roof might be caving in. And it feels very much like there is someone just inside the out of sight.
  6. My house. Literally anywhere that I live. I’m haunted.

Feel free to add as many other haunted locations to this list.

Much love



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