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Staring at the Phone

Hello humans of the internet! A little irony here. I’m sitting in a waiting room, staring at my phone to talk about how much people stare at their phones.

I’m sat here in the waiting room. The two people across from me are sat, expressionless and unmoving, staring at their phones. A few seats away from me, there is a girl with headphones, hunched over, expressionless and staring at a tablet. There is a dad with two kids under five all three of them are expressionless and staring at their own devices. There is an older man with a fanny pack, emotionless and staring at a tablet. A woman just walked in, barely seeing where she was walking as she was checking her phone, completely expressionless.

If you hadn’t noticed, what really struck me was that everyone is expressionless. Not bored looking, expressionless. And now, I’m writing this fully aware that I am now expressionless and staring at my phone.

But why? Why are we all doing this? I’m not going to suggest that we all put down our phones and start interacting with strangers. I don’t think it’s really about the phones. Maybe it’s the media, maybe it’s social media, maybe it’s society as a whole, maybe it’s a reaction to the feeling of helplessness that you get from watching the news and seeing the destruction of the world and knowing that you’re simultaneously a part of it, a victim of it, and unable to stop it. Maybe it’s too late to heal us. Maybe the Earth will be able to heal itself. Maybe we still have time. Maybe we could at least react to what we are seeing? Maybe we as a society could stop walking through life with a mild numbness?

But what do I know, I’m just a 24 year old blogger who thinks too much.

Much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

3 thoughts on “Staring at the Phone

  1. It depends on why everyone is waiting in that room. Social norms say we don’t take up conversations in waiting for mammograms, for instance. Some rooms encourage interaction, but most don’t. People used to just bury their faces in magazines..

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