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The Real Horror Story

Hello Humans of the internet! I acknowledge that this is a dramatic title, but I wanted to tell a story about what happened today that I think was scarier than the ghost story I had planned for today. (I told you I had almost unlimited ghost stories).

This morning I opened Facebook as one does. And I’m sure you have noticed that Facebook likes to show you your “memories.” Sometimes this is really cute and you get to see old pictures or a picture of the first time you met someone. I discovered through this that Schulz has posted a selfie on the day we met, which is cute and funny and the background of my phone now. That isn’t the horror. The horror was this morning. I logged in to facebook and it showed me a memory from 7 years ago which said “That awkward moment when you finally get a door open and realize that it was hard to open because a person was in the way. Moral of the story: all doors need windows.”

I immediately cringed at my awkward and consoled myself that it was 7 years ago and I must have been like 12 or 13. I could so clearly remember hitting that guy with a door. And then I realized, I’m 24 so I was 12, 12 years ago. Which means that I was actually 17 when I posted that. Which made me cringe even more because not only am I old now, I was also not young enough for my level awkward to be acceptable.

Basically, I’m now just sat here cringing at my own awkward and decided to talk about this instead of talking about the running joke between and Schulz that the building I work in has dimensional shifts but make it spooky.

much love



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