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Another Ghost story

Hello humans of the internet! Yes I am sharing another ghost story. It’s Halloween month and I live in the South Carolina low country, I have unlimited ghost stories.

This is another one from college.

My roommate and bestfriend was taking a organ class (organ the musical instrument). Because of this she had to practice at the campus chapel, usually at night. We lived right next door to the chapel, so she went alone the first few times. One night, she asked me to sit with her because she felt like someone was watching her every night she went to practice. I brought some knitting and sat in the pew. While my roommate was playing, I felt a wind swoosh by me. It was weird, but I immediately rationalized that it was an old building and random drafts were to be expected. A few seconds later, my roommate stopped playing suddenly and looked at one of the exits, then at me. Then told me that she was about to fuss at me for trying to leave her in this creepy building because she saw a figure get up from next to me and run towards the exit.

So, that really freaked me out. Any and all alternative explanations welcome. I would prefer not to have been hanging out with a ghost.

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4 thoughts on “Another Ghost story

    1. The Low country is the more southeastern part of the state. Basically everything near Charleston. I know there’s specific places that are or are not considered low country. But, I mostly mentioned that because it’s an older part of the state. There’s Charleston and of course the Topper Site and Old Sheldon Church. Lots of old places, lots of violent deaths. I’ve always said that we’re friends with our ghosts here. I’d love to hear your ghost stories.

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