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A Ghost Story or two

Hello humans of the internet! Its October and this seems like an appropriate time to share some of my personal ghosts stories. These might be a little weird because it’s just a few things that are hard to explain.

Back in college, I briefly lived in a 4 person dorm room. This room (the whole building really) was haunted. We referred to our ghost as demon sink.

Our college campus was right next to a really old cemetery there were graves from the 1700s. And this is South Carolina, so obviously there were a lot of ghosts stories circulating around. So, obviously my friend and I went for a lot of walks in the cemetery. There was a specific area of the cemetery that sectioned off with a low brick wall, about hip high on a short girl. This is relevant because we had both gotten an uneasy feeling about it (not in any other part of the cemetery that are arguably much more spooky). So naturally, we decided to investigate and climbed over the wall. There were about 8 graves lined up, they were all the kind that look like stone caskets just sat on the ground. The words were all worn down, but my friend was able to make out 186-something. (And this is the South and about 100 feet from a civil war hospital, so it’s not surprising that there are a bunch of people who died at about the same time and would be buried with a fancy grave). As we investigated, I personally felt really drawn towards one in particular in that train wreck way. Like, oh this is bad, but I’m still gonna open the door. Now remember, all these grave markers are these huge stone casket looking things. I approached this particular one and walked around to the other side and there was a hole smashed in the stone. I remember my heart suddenly racing and being unable to look away. Suddenly, I heard myself shout ghost and we both ran. I don’t remember seeing a ghost and I really don’t know why I decided to shout ghost. Any we ran all the way back to the dorm (we weren’t that far at all). Shortly afterwards is when we met demon sink.

I don’t know if I believe in ghosts exactly, but there are things that are hard to explain. This is one of those things. For the first few months after the grave encounter our sink would cut on randomly at night. We didn’t worry too much about it. It was an old building, so we’d just get up and cut it off and we started calling it demon sink. Then it started to get weird.

Water dumped out of the air conditioner.

I heard noises coming from a wall that no one lived on the otherside of.

I heard footsteps upstairs even though the upstairs was locked off.

One night I was woken up by the sound of a single loud clap.

The one that scared me the most was when I was walking towards one of my roommates and I felt something hit my leg so hard that I actually tripped. But there was nothing there. It felt like someone smacked my leg with something. My roommate freaked out too because she saw me get hit by nothing and almost fall because of it.

So, maybe you have some rational explanations that don’t involve a demon following us back from a broken grave stone and haunting us.

If you like stuff like this, I’ve got more. If not, let me know that too. I enjoy this, but I know a lot of people don’t.

Much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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