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Introducing Kai

Hello humans of the internet! I know I was feeling particularly emotional yesterday. Thank you for letting me talk about that and thank you for the support. Today I wanted to talk about an adorable addition to my little family of critters.

Awhile back I made a post about putting together a fish tank for a betta and talked about getting a fish. This was months ago. I brought Kai the fish home shortly after that post. Kai was in a Walmart and looking not so great which is why I wanted to bring him home. I called my brother (this sort of thing is his actual profession) and followed his instructions for taking care of Kai. Now Kai is finally healed up enough that I feel comfortable sharing him with y’all. For context, he had almost no fins. There were nasty black rotting looking bits on his tail. I don’t actually have a picture because the phone I had then broke. But here is what he looks like today.

Much love



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