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Fall in South Carolina

Hello humans of the internet! Its finally kind of starting to feel like it might almost be fall soon. It’s October 7th as I’m writing this. I see people on here and on Instagram posting about fall activities, so I thought I’d talk about fall in the south.

Fall in South Carolina is very similar to every where else. We also enjoy cocoa and pumpkin spice lattes, we just enjoy them iced, while wearing tank tops, and sitting in the air conditioning.

We go apple picking, we just drive 3 to 6 hours away to the closest mountain.

We go to the pumpkin patch, but the pumpkin patch is actually just the lawn in front of the Methodist church where they laid out a bunch of pumpkins in rows so kids can enjoy the pumpkin picking process. And we wear shorts and sunscreen.

We wear fall fashion, we just sweat half to death while trying to insist that it’s cozy.

And finally, we are still tormented by mosquitoes. Always. Forever. There are always bugs. Those bugs will bite you. If you can’t handle bugs, there is no time if the year during which you should be in South Carolina.

It’s hot. I just got bit by a mosquito. I’m going to drink this cocoa and feel Halloween festive. I might feel moderately miserable, but I feel like if I just will it to be fall it’ll happen.

Much love



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