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So…I Bought Another Plant

Hello humans of the internet! As you might know, I’m in therapy. This past week I reach a point that I was really proud of. So, I’m rewarding myself with another plant. (Technically, I’m trying to cut back the number of plants I have in order to move soon, but this is a special occasion)

This is the new plant. It’s a pothos marble queen. This is one of the coolest plants that I own, it’s so pretty.

This is my favorite leaf.

I did replant this plant into the terracotta pot pictured above as soon as I got home. A lot of people recommend that you leave a plant in the planter it came in for awhile. I think it’s supposed to help it adjust to the environment in your home. Anyway, this one was potted in a plastic pot with no drainage. The soil was soggy. Now, it’s in a nice little terracotta pot.

Much love,


I hope you’re not bored with plant posts because I have at least one more scheduled.


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