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October Propagation Update

Hello humans of the internet! Happy October 2nd. I hope that y’all are all having a great day. It’s a plant day because this weekend I was checking on my propagations and moving some plants around. I decided to take some pictures and share them with y’all. Some of these appeared in previous plant posts.

This is a little baby sensitive plant or mimosa pudica that I actually grew from seed. I just repotted her into the terracotta pot because the plastic one that came with the seeds was not good and growing mildew (it was a growing kit for kids).

This gorgeous plant has lived with me since college. We’ve moved together and she has really loved her current location. But, she was getting a little unhealthy. So, I pruned her and rooted cuttings. That was just a month ago and now, she’s putting off tons of new growth and there are two baby plants.

Look at this baby plant.

And the golden pothos. I really like these but I feel like they might be boring to other people. But this whole post might be boring.

I don’t know. Let me know if you are interested in my plants or if you think these are super boring posts and hate them. I could talk about this all day.

Much love



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