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Some more thoughts during my boyfriend’s deployment

Hello humans of the internet! In case you wondered, he’s still deployed. And, hi, I’m me and it’s weird in my head, so let’s just go on an adventure.

  • I’ve only crocheted like 5 or 6 rugs in 4 months, that’s not obsessive?
  • It’s basically 5 months already, so it’s basically over. More than half way
  • I’m going to keep writing these poems.
  • I think I should move across the country.
  • Maybe I need a vacation
  • I want to go on a vacation with Schulz
  • Maybe I have too many plants.
  • Oo, that’s a beautiful plant, I need it.
  • It turns out that I’m way too short for knee high socks
  • I should dye my hair again
  • Or cut it off
  • No, I’ve spent too much time growing out my hair
  • This lilac wig was the best purchase of my life.
  • I’m going to film a video and start a YouTube channel
  • That was terrible, I will never upload that ever.
  • My voice is so annoying
  • That idea is cancelled
  • Maybe I should dye my hair.
  • How much time has it been?
  • Is it over yet?
  • I got this, but it’s like no time at all.
  • He’s just at work, just like anyone else.
  • Just at work
  • For the majority of a year
  • Without coming home
  • And with minimal contact
  • Yep, just at work
  • Just like anyone else
  • ………..
  • How much longer?


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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