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What I’m doing with my Wednesday afternoons

Hello humans of the internet! I bet you didn’t have a question about what I’m doing on Wednesday. But here I am, talking about it. Why? Because I think it’s important.

Every Wednesday at 3, I’ve been going to therapy.

I’m okay, I’m just dealing with some stuff that I won’t bore y’all with, that’s what therapy is for. I wanted to talk about people’s reactions to therapy. Now, I personally feel like therapy is very personal and I don’t like telling people I’m in therapy. So, why am I putting it online for literally anyone to come across? Because nearly half the people who I’ve had to tell I’m in therapy followed up with a bunch of questions before saying they were interested in therapy but weren’t sure because of one reason or another. So, here I am hoping this is seen by as many people as possible so they know that there’s nothing wrong with seeking help. Therapy doesn’t mean you’re weak; it means you are strong enough to face your traumas and your illness and become the best version of yourself. Mental illness isn’t something you should just deal with. It is okay. You are okay. Having mental illness or past trauma is okay. Seeking counseling as a way to deal with that is okay. Mental illness doesn’t mean that you’re a bad Christian.

Please, if you’re in therapy feel free to talk about it, or not talk about it, is your choice.

If you are against therapy, feel free to share your opinion, but please share it somewhere else.

This is the best I’ve felt in a really long time.

Much love



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2 thoughts on “What I’m doing with my Wednesday afternoons

  1. I am alive because of good therapy(I mean that quite literally!) I am a devout Christian and I see the help available through mental health professionals as absolutely valid as that given by dentists. (I have never heard a Christian say “you should use God as your dentist!”)

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