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The sky is changing

Hello humans if the internet. I realize that this might sound a bit ominous, but utter was the best way I could think of to describe what I’m seeing.

I like to look up: the sky is beautiful. It’s always beautiful. It’s beautiful at sunrise and when evening storms are rolling in. It’s a frightening beauty right before a tornado when it feels like the world is reminding us of its power. But, I think that the sky is most beautiful when the seasons are about to change. When the earth has rotated just enough that the sky starts to change. Much like when summer had just begun and you suddenly realize that it’s 9 PM and the sun is still out, you just add suddenly realize that it’s only 8 and the sun is setting. Not only that but the sun set starts to change color. Late summer (often called hurricane season by me) has the most beautiful sun sets. The clouds are trimmed with pinks and purples. There’s so many colors. I was told once that the colors are caused by pollution. If that’s true it’s sad, but also impressive that the world makes trash beautiful.


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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