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July 2019 Highlights

Hello humans of the internet! Another month is coming to an end. I mean there’s still two days, but it’s close enough.

  • Internet. By this I mean, I’m incredibly thankful for the existence of the internet. I think I’ve talked about this before. But it’s just overwhelming every time I think about it. I get to talk to my boyfriend while his literally on the other side of the world.
  • Cross stitch. I’m pretty boring, but I’ve gotten obsessed with cross stitch this month. I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I have quite the collection of cross stitch, so I guess I’ll be decorating the whole house with cross stitch.
  • Peggy surgery. I don’t think this is a highlight really, but I wanted to talk about it somewhere. Peggy was spayed. She’s doing good. She ended up needed a cone because she tried chew her stitches. She did get a new toy because she earned it.


I'm a writer with dyslexic.

4 thoughts on “July 2019 Highlights

  1. I have done tons of cross stitch. My home is full of cross stitch. My friends’ homes are full of my cross stitch. The convent has one of my pieces. Now looking for places to put new cross stitch!
    Thought I should warn you!!!LOL

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  2. “Hey….Hey mom…..Hey…Do you see I’ve got this thing on my head? Can you help me out? Hey… Mom…..” That is all I hear whenever my dogs have on “the cone of shame” (from Up). My pug is going next week for her surgery. Good to see the face I will see imploring me soon 🙂

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