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Peggy’s first 4th of July

Hello humans of the internet! It’s the 4th of July. So, this is a day where we set off a lot of fireworks. Obviously, there is a lot more to the holiday, but you probably didn’t come here for information. So, let’s talk about a cute puppy!

4th of July for us is mostly my Granny’s birthday. We don’t always do fireworks and didn’t actually do any this year. So, Peggy’s first 4th of July was pretty uneventful. Part of me wants to know how Peggy would feel about fireworks, but most of me feels like this was the best case scenario for Peggy.

Peggy is scared of everything. All of the things. Other dogs, very scary. Thunder, terrifying. Cars, most scary. Doctor (for anyone who doesn’t know Doctor is rabbit), so scary. And when she is scared her way too large and heavy self wants to be held. (Not to be dramatic, but I found a dog size estimating chart and based on what Peggy has weighed at different points so far it estimates her at about 90+ pounds before she’s done) Peggy is not going to be an easy dog to hold as she gets bigger. I kind of want to try to set off some small fireworks just to see how Peggy will react (I live in South Carolina so that’s okay here) and possibly train her to have what I’ve been calling “calm energy” around fireworks. So, I guess if you have any experience with dogs, what would you suggest I do? Is there a way to train a dog not to be scared of everything? Should I just work out and be able to lift a 90 pound dog? Should I teach her to get Schulz to pick her up because that’s a lot of pounds?

There would have been a super cute picture of Peggy here in a fancy puppy bandanna to celebrate 4th of July. But she ripped it off and chewed it about 10 seconds later before I could get her to pose. So, I hope that everyone had a happy and safe day whether or not you were celebrating the U.S. Independence day or a birthday or anything.

much love



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