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Being Vegetarian in a small southern town

Hello humans of the internet! I live in a small southern town and I’m vegetarian. People have opinions about that.

I’ve been vegetarian for awhile now. I don’t have a specific day that I started being vegetarian. I basically just ate less and less meat and then realized at one point that it’d been more than 3 months since I’d had meat so I just committed to that and now I’m vegetarian.

So, I’ve gotten mixed reactions. Mostly people asking me a million questions about what I eat and telling me that I’m the first vegetarian they’ve ever met. But I’m sure you’d rather hear about the bad reactions though, they make for much more exciting blog posts.

  1. My nana. She wasn’t mad or anything. But she did find a vegan and asked her questions. Nana has given me the same recipe for roasted cauliflower about 4 times.
  2. Random woman at McDonald’s that saw me order just fries. She asked me if I needed her to buy me a burger. I said no, I don’t eat meat, I just really wanted some fries (I crave fries on my period, so I wasn’t in the best mood). She didn’t really believe me and told me that the fries are less healthy than the burgers. I just smiled and said that’s not why I don’t eat meat. She left me alone.
  3. My boyfriend. He mostly just teases me and offers me pieces of beef on the few occasions where been out to eat.
  4. A woman who works with me. She wanted me to know that she’s supports my decision, but does vegetarian include, chicken, goat, and sheep? Or do I just eat beans.

Luckily even my small southern town has a few vegetarian options. If I wasn’t allergic to turmeric I’d have a lot of options.

Are you vegetarian? How do people react to that? Is it normal where your are?

Much love



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6 thoughts on “Being Vegetarian in a small southern town

  1. I have been a vegetarian for a couple of years now and I too live in a small town. My parents have always supported me, but they did question it at first. My grandparents still don’t get it; they still ask me if I want a piece of meat and I politely say no thank you because I have explained myself a million times already. I love the occasional fry as well and sometimes get weird reactions to that too.

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  2. I’ve been veggie for over 35 years. I never preach, I find that doesn’t really win friends or influence people. But if someone asks me why I don’t eat meat, they have to accept I will give them a full and honest answer! The thing I’ve found the most, is people love to trip you up with their questions. They think they’re being smart and smug. My trick is to have some stock answers prepared, as people tend to ask the same things, so you can rehearse your replies. Small-town ignorance is just that. It doesn’t matter why you gave up meat, it’s not really anyone else’s business but yours! I love that your Nan is trying. My partner’s Nan goes overboard, we wish she wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, bless her! Good luck in your continued efforts, 😉

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    1. That is really helpful. I’ll have to come up with something to say when people ask what I eat. I always feel like that’s a little rude of people and usually just say not meat. Also 35 years is impressive. Im sure you’ve heard every comment positive and negative

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  3. I am not presently a vegetarian, though I have been one at various points in my life. My daughter and one of my grandchildren is so I have mastered the Tofurky on Thanksgiving.

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