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Planner Conundrum

Hello humans of the internet! Before we go any further let’s all take a moment to be proud that I spelled conundrum correctly I did spend way too much time on that but I figured it out!

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about my need for planners. It helps me figure out what I’m doing every day and I use stickers and all that. I’m still jealous of people who can have super fancy planners, but I have trouble reading those all that would defeat the purpose of a planner. But that is not the conundrum of the day. The conundrum of today that my old planner stopped in May and my new planner doesn’t start until July. So I’m trying to squeeze everything into my tiny calendar boxes. Which would be fine, but I put stuff for my day job, stuff for the blog, personal life stuff, period tracking, the box fills up quickly. I also like putting my grocery lists, monthly highlights lists, my reward stickers (yes I give myself reward stickers) and meal plans in my planner. It’s been a long month feeling mildly stressed because I don’t have a planner.

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I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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