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The zoo!

I’ve been a little busy helping get everything ready for a wedding at my sister’s house. It look beautiful until we had to take everything down due to a massive thunderstorm. It was really nice though. That aside, I did go to the zoo.

Riverbanks zoo is always fun, but right now they have a dinosaur exhibit. I don’t know if y’all have ever seen it, but there’s a traveling exhibit of animatronic dinosaurs. I’ve seen it before at the state museum, but let me tell you, it was so much cooler at the zoo because they were set up outside which was awesome. And here’s some pictures…I took more pictures on the polaroid (off brand cheap polaroid like camera) so I can’t post them right this second, but here’s some other pictures.

We had a great time. I was a little sad because I love going to the zoo with Schulz but it was still fun.

Much love



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3 thoughts on “The zoo!

    1. He’s a ring tailed lemur. They’ve always been one of my favorites right up there with golden lion tamerins. I didn’t get any pictures of those though.

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