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And then I wait

Hello humans of the internet! Today one again I’m talking about the emotions involved with dating someone in the military. It’s a lot of emotions constantly. I promise to talk about something less heavy next time.

I feel blessed that in the way the world is I get to hear from my boyfriend way more often than basically every military significant other before me. Today we have emails and the occasional text sent hurriedly across the world. Which is amazing and today I wanted to talk about all the emotions around that.

When I get that text or email all I feel is pure joy and relief. He’s alright, he’s got access to a computer. I can almost hear his voice in the typed words. And then I get the inevitable message. “I love you. I email as soon as I can.”

Sometimes it’s minutes after the first message. Sometimes it’s a day or two even. And then it’s see you soon all over again. And the not knowing exactly when soon will be. You can’t do a count down to an approximate date. And then I wait again to hear. I wait for him to come back. This is a life of waiting and more waiting. I’m waiting to find out which day I’m waiting for. Atend that’s where I’m at. Waiting some more. I did plan to write something a little more peppy today but this is all that’s on my mind so I guess I’ll turn on Mumford and sons “I Will Wait” and tough it out.

Much love



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