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Am I Disabled Revisited: Is Disability a bad word

Hello Humans of the internet! So, about a week ago I made a post which you can see here and as much as I don’t like doing anything that feels like self-promo, this post really won’t make sense if you haven’t read that post. This post is inspired by the conversation I had with Elizabeth and you can see her here. You really should go read her blog, she’s a really interesting person. Now that you’ve had a chance to either catch up, decide you don’t care enough to catch up and want to read this anyway, or have decided that you are not interested in reading this and moved on, let’s get on with the post.

So, as you might know: I’m a person with dyslexia. Dyslexia is considered a learning disability. So, am I disabled? Yes. Obviously there are many different kinds of disabilities and a dyslexic person isn’t going to take the parking right next to the door; that’s for a person who has walking difficulties. And that is as good a spring board as any to lead us into the discussion of is disability a bad word?

Personally, I think that sometimes you have to use the word disabled in order to get the assistance that you need to go about life. For example, my grandmother has walking difficulties and needs to park in the parking spots closest to the door. A way to do this is by having disabled parking and those blue mirror hanging things. (this might not be how it is where you are, but here that’s what works) It makes sure that the space stays open for the people who need it, like my grandmother.

In high school and college being labeled as disabled and having a 504 plan gave me access to notes in such a way that I was able to learn.

So, I didn’t plan on writing too much on this post. I just wanted to start a conversation really. If you are a person who fall into a category of any kind of disability (a physically disability, a learning disability, an invisible disability, any kind of disability that I’m forgetting right now) tell me your opinions on the word disability. If you are close to someone with a disability of any kind ask them and let me know how they feel. This is something I really want to know other people’s opinions on because I’m by no means an authority, the only thing I know about is my own life.

Please tell me what you think about the word disability (mostly if you are disabled.)

much love to everyone



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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