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Reusable Shopping Bags in a Small Southern Town

Hello humans of the internet. As some of you may be aware, I live in a small southern town. Living in a small southern town is great most of the time but it also means you run into a lot of less fun things like sexism, racism, and people who believe that climate change is a myth started to hide the existence of godzilla. Okay, I’ve only encountered one person who think climate change is a godzilla cover up, but I have met a lot of people who think environmentally friendly ideas and products are somehow bad for you and occasionally people who think it’s unChristian to recycle. So being a person who does her best to make environmental choices and is *gasp* vegetarian, I get a lot of reactions and I thought i should share those with you starting with: reusable shopping bags.

I’ve collected a fair number of reusable shopping bags and I’ve always tried to use them, sometimes I do sometimes I don’t. About a month ago I decided to commit to the reusable shopping bag life. I picked 3 and started keeping them in my purse and I’ve been using them everytime I’ve gone to the store for almost a month. And I’ve gotten reactions. I walked to the grocery store that’s down the street from where I work and picked up a quick lunch. Before the cashier started bagging my groceries I pulled out my bags and asked if I could use them for my bags instead of the plastic bags. The cashier gave me the meanest stink eye I’ve seen since high school then said, we have bags.

I asked again and she ended up just handing me my groceries with a look of disgust.

Other places aren’t as much of a problem. The Walmart which is the closest big grocery store has a self check out now so I don’t have to deal with cashiers being mean there. I do have to deal with other shoppers because the second I pull out my reusable shopping bags the people behind me in line start doing that angry sign and huffing impatiently. So that’s really polite of them.

Do you use reusable shopping bags or plastic disposable bags? How do people react to reusable shopping bags where you’re from?

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