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House Plants again

Hello humans of the internet. What do y’all think about this becoming a house plant blog? Asking because I bought plants again. Also, lets be real talking about things like cute little plants and puppies is way easier than talking about real things like dyslexia and deployment. I need to do better at coming up with names for posts about plants if I’m going to talk about them this much.

I considered not putting pictures in this post because I didn’t want to get up and take pictures. But I realize that a post about plants and that needs pictures.

This is my beautiful jade plant. She is currently very small, but she will get to up 36 inches which is just so big and lovely. Her name is Jochebed. She’s with my other jade plants. Behind her is my gollum jade or trumpet jade. He’s thriving. His name is Jethro and he’s about 2 inches taller than he was when I bought him this winter. And of to the side you can see just a little bit of the trailing jade named Ramses the second. He is my second trailing jade, the first trailing jade was eaten by Simon, my late cat when he was a kitten. If you can’t tell jade plants are one of my favorites.

This beautiful new plant is called a golden gate peperomia. This is a really cool tropical plant. It’s got really sturdy, succulent-like leaves. It is one of the more finicky plants that I’ve ever owned. This one does not have a name yet. If you have any ideas for a name please let me know. You can see the corner of a fish tank in this picture this is the betta tank that I talked about a while ago here. I did get a fish tank for this tank. He was in really bad shape when I found him at a Wal-Mart (not the same Wal-Mart that I found Sushi at, but in similar or worse condition.) I will be introducing y’all to this fish, who’s name is Kai soon, I wanted to wait until he was no longer suffering from fin rot so that y’all could see the sad pictures and the healthy pictures. He is looking particularly healthy.

So, I hope y’all like hearing about plants and betta fish. That’s what I want to talk about right now. The world isn’t great, but we can keep rescuing little fishies and surrounding ourselves with beautiful plants in a little indoor jungle.

If you like plants, let me know an idea for the golden gate peperomia.

much love



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