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May 2019 Highlights

Hello humans of the internet! Another month has gone and with it another school year. Am I in school? not even a little bit. It has been years (years plural) since I’ve been in school. I barely know the school schedule anymore. But this year is the first year that I’ve known this many graduates, honestly I think I know more graduates this year than I did in 2013. So, instead of talking about my month, I’d like to address the 2019 graduating class.

So, in no particular order, high school and college graduates: Angel, Kayla, Brenna, Caleb, Jacob, Jeremy, Perla, Katherine, anyone that I might be forgetting or leaving out because I refuse to accept that you are 18 and graduating from high school now (Chloe). One of you was my room mate, some of you I know from work, some of you I know from theater, and that’s literally all I do. I work and I do theater. So, this is for you and all of your graduating class.

You are wonderfully resilient human beings, every single one of you. People will tell you otherwise. Those people will be wrong. You are amazing. When people tell you that your world view is wrong, remember that they are viewing a different world. Every generation has viewed a different world. You should talk to them about it and talk to them about your world. Communication between generations is important for understanding each other. And understanding each other is important for the world. And the whole not causing some kind of dystopian horrorscape.

But what do I know? I’m only 24. I’ve made a million mistakes. I’ve made mistakes that turned out okay and mistakes that did not at all. I’m not a person who can give anyone advice.

I wish that I could give you, especially the high school ones of you, a list of rules of ways to avoid all difficulties and traumas. I know that the world is a dark place. I know that there are a lot of not kind people. You’ll meet them. You’ll also meet a lot of wonderful people. You’ll meet fantastic people that have beautiful voices, wonderful stories, fascinating interests, talk to all of them. They have better advice than I could give and better stories than I could tell.

It will be hard. It will be fantastic. It will seem impossible. It will seem easy. It will go great. It will go terrible. The only thing that I can assure you of is that life will go. On the worst nights, the sun still rises. The worse storms still die down. And as Mrs. Gayle Cooper told me when I graduated, “I hope you dance”

I really do hope you dance. I hope that no matter what happens in your life and in the world, you have joy. I know in the really dark moments when your standing in the shower crying for 3 hours while you try to figure out what your life means, someone saying “I hope you dance” won’t be very helpful. But I hope that if you ever find yourself crying in the shower for 3 hours, you will one day dance again. I hope that you will heal enough, even if there are little scars in your heart, that they will be little thin lines and you will have joy.

Honestly, I hope you never stand in the shower crying for 3 hours or anything similar. Realistically, you’ll have bad days. You’ll have really really bad days. But don’t let them steal the joy of the really good days.

If you have any actual advice for the 2019 graduates, leave it in a comment. If you are a 2019 graduate, please read the comments. I’m 100% sure that those are better advice and I don’t even know if there are any comments.

much love to all the graduates



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2 thoughts on “May 2019 Highlights

  1. I think more graduation speeches should be given by people like you much closer in age to the graduates. I have no idea why they ask people parent or grandparent age to do the speech. I love what you had to say. Especially about crying in the shower.


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