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My Dog Reviews Pool Toys

Hello humans of the internet! It’s hot out. It’s really, really hot out. It’s hot out even for South Carolina. It’s been triple digits for like a week. I mean we do get triple digit temperatures but that usually happens in August or at least July. So, I thought that it’s a good time to get in the pool and go swimming with my dog.

I do not have a pool, so I went to the closest dollar store and bought one. I also bought a bunch of pool toys for Peggy to review.

Look at how beautiful Peggy is.

In case anyone wondered pool toys take forever to blow up.

I thought this was funny.

With all the toys ready, it was just time to get them, and Peggy to the pool and let her review them.

Except Peggy was scared of the pool. Absolutely terrified of it. Wouldn’t get near it.

She eventually got a little close to it and licked the side. She loves playing puddles so I thought that she would obviously love a pool. I thought maybe she was just scared because she hadn’t realized that it was water. Also, if the pool looks lopesided it’s because there was a hole in the bottom that I couldn’t find so it was leaking air. At least it wasn’t leaking water. I tried to pick her up and put her in the water. That didn’t go well.

She did not like being dropped in water. Peggy’s reaction was so strong I quit trying to get her to play in the pool. I’m trying to help her cool off in this heat, not give her puppy trauma. Unfortunately, Peggy’s dogiality (like personality, but a dog’s) is one such that once she gets scared, which is easy, she gets so overwhelmed that everything scares her even things she usually likes. Including a ball.

Yes, my mother took a picture of me laughing at Peggy being terrified of a beach ball. She was also scared of her favorite tire toy which I tried to give her as a peace offering. I didn’t make her pose for pictures with the other pool toy.

So, Peggy’s offical review of all dollar store pool toys is that they are all very scary.

much love



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