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Because, because

Hello humans of the internet. I’m talking about dyslexia again. I wanted to focus on other aspects of my life but what do you know a disability affects me everyday of my life. I remembered recently a thing that happened when I was in second grade and I thought I’d share that with y’all.

So, we’ll start at the beginning. I was 7. Oddly, I was already “reading” Harry Potter. I put the word reading in quotation because I wasn’t reading like a “normal” person. But I didn’t have as many coping skills for dyslexia as I do now. At our school, and I’m sure most schools, we had a weekly spelling test. I did very bad on this every week. My parents tried all kinds of things to help me learn. If anyone is interested in that, I’d be happy to do a whole post about it. (They are actually helpful things for someone who is having learning difficulties.) The teacher was not super understanding of my dyslexia. By not super understanding, I mean insisted that I was “a normal child that was just a slower learner.” So, she often assumed that because I seemed otherwise intelligent, I must have been just being lazy when we were spelling (or doing math, or reading out loud, or taking tests.)

One of our words was “because.” I spelled it wrong. I was allowed another chance. I spelled it wrong again. And again. And then again when I was in at recess re-taking the test the next week. And I guess it was believed that I was somehow “sassing back” by misspelling a word. Anyway, I had to fill an entire page with the word because. But, as you might know by now, when stressed, I can’t read or write at all. So, as you might can imagine, I was stressed and never got the word because spelled correctly. I remember having to bring my paper home for my parents to look at. I don’t remember anything else about it, so I’m assuming they didn’t care that I couldn’t spell because, or that I never actually showed it to them.

I still hate writing the word because.

much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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