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Thoughts while my boyfriend is deployed

Hello humans of the internet! Have I gotten a little slack with my blog again? Yes, yes I have. I have been a little preoccupied with the whole, my boyfriend is deployed so I thought it would be fun (in a not particularly fun way) to share what the thoughts have been going through my head lately.

This has been a really long time

This has only been like 3 weeks.

It feels like it’s only been like a day

It some how also feels like it’s been an eternity

Ohmygod! I have to show that to Schulz!

Oh never mind.

Peggy is so big, I wish Schulz didn’t have to miss this.

It’s been soooooo long. How has it been so long.

Oooo, I should get that Mickey toaster, it’s on sale and Schulz loves Mickey.

Well, now I’m thinking about Schulz for the 4000th time this hour.

I’m going to go for a walk

Schulz likes walks.

Well now I look like a pathetic girl that’s crying walking down the street.

I have to show Schulz this video!

Oh, never mind.

I’ll just add that to the list of things that I can show to Schulz when he gets back

This list is getting really long. I still have like what 6 months left to go and this list is getting really long.

I wonder what Schulz is doing right now?

Honestly, probably doing his job, actually.

I wonder what time it is for him. that would be easier to figure out if I knew where he was.

Next person who says, “Oh, have you heard from your boyfriend lately?” might just get punched. Nothing to do with them, I’m just sick of hearing if.

What is actually going on in this country right now? I mean honestly, have you seen the laws? Have you seen what’s going on here? We need help.

Schulz better get back soon.

If he has anymore new scars, I swear I will find who ever did it and fight them.

Actually, I’ll just cry and hug you and hope you never have to leave again.

I just really miss him.

So, that’s all that I’ve got for today. Schulz is pretty much the only thing on my mind.

much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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