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Peggy Time!

Hello Humans of the internet! You know what I haven’t talked about in a long time? My amazing puppy, Peg! She’s still perfect, in case y’all thought maybe she wasn’t perfect anymore. She does keep me very busy and is extremely hard to photograph. So difficult to photograph. Like all the pictures I have of her, she looks like possessed demon creature. So here’s a Peggy update.

Peggy will be 5 months on the 19th, and it is honestly insane to think about. She is huge. I have no idea how big she’s going to get, but right now she’s 25 lbs and about as tall as my knee. I can still pick her up, I’m just going to have to work out so I can keep carrying her around. She had a little tiny toy tire that I bought for her before she could even come home. We’ve had to upgrade her to a larger tire toy because her original one was becoming a choking hazard. The downside being that she now thinks that all tires are hers including tires that are attached to the lawn mowers, so lets hope she doesn’t get any bigger and decide that my car’s tires are hers too. Her tricks include chasing the cat but stopping right before catching her, going in and out of her box and expecting a treat every time, and getting Schulz to give her about 5 more treats than I would give her. I can’t fault Schulz too much though because he was about to leave for like 6 to 9 months. He’s allowed to spoil her a little while he’s home. Isn’t military great with all the super fun unknowns!?

Peggy’s best trick is her little puppy hugs. I mean she usually gets bored and starts chewing on your clothes or hair, but the first 5 seconds of her puppy hugs are great.

If anyone has a magical way that they trained a puppy to not chew every thing and not jump on everyone, could you please share. Thanks.

much love



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4 thoughts on “Peggy Time!

  1. A vet once told me that every puppy will destroy one thing you really value. In his case it was his leather jacket. In our case it was the Gospel of John in my leather Bible! I have no idea how to stop them chewing.

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    1. Oh no! Peggy hasn’t destroyed anything yet. So far she just brings me random trash when we go for walks. She’s still grasping the concept of “fetch”

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