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Thoughts while dressing the store mannequin

Hello Humans of the internet! The company I work for prints t-shirts and other garments, primarily. Part of my job is dressing our two mannequins. They are both a little sad and broken. I named them, but I haven’t told anyone that because I feel like most people at work would think I’m crazy. But the names will help keeping the story straight, so the tall one is named Marge and the half body mannequin is named Barb.

Thoughts while dressing Barb. It must be so weird to be eyelevel with the average persons boobs.

Thoughts while dressing Marge: (it is important to note here that one of Marge’s arms is frozen in place and by frozen I mean, it was going to fall off so I duct taped it.) Why is it so hard to get clothes on her? her body is like an extra small, but you need a medium or a large to go over her head and get the duct taped limb in the arm hole. As I was getting increasingly frustrated with Marge I remembered being younger when I broke my arm and couldn’t move it much and how frustrating that was. And then I started thinking about how frustrating it must be to buy clothes if you have physical disabilities. I mean clothes barely work for the “average” person. I can’t imagine what it must be like to go shopping if you don’t have a typical body. For example if you had a arm with minimal movement, would you have to get a shirt several sizes too big like Marge? I hope no one takes this insultingly, but genuinely, if you are a person that has a physical disability and feel comfortable talking about it, would you mind telling if you are able to find readily available clothing that fits your body and style? Because I really hope that you can and I’m just ignorant on this one.

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One thought on “Thoughts while dressing the store mannequin

  1. I once read about clothing specifically designed for people in wheelchairs, but I don’t remember how they made it. I hope someone posts an answer to your question.


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