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April 2019 Highlights

Hello humans of the internet! It’s that time of the month again where we talk about all the best things that happened in the last 30-ish days. This month was amazing and incredibly difficult. But we are focusing on the good here

So, this month I got to spend 12 days with Schulz so that was super exciting. We had a lot of fun. Nothing that would make a good blog post. We went to the movies, we walked went grocery shopping, we got pizza. One super fun thing we did was take pictures on a Polaroid style camera. It’s not the brand, but it’s the same instant picture idea so that’s the easiest way to describe it. Any way we went out and took pictures by the lake in town. It was fun to watch the pictures develop right in front of you. Schulz took a lot of the pictures with him, but I did keep my favorites and put them in this fun little frame thing that I made.

I found this giant piggie plushie at Books-A-Million while we were finding reading material for Matthew’s deployment. Her name is Kokie.

Now there is a story here. Some of you might remember awhile back when I got a narwhal out of a claw machine in front of our Walmart and was really excited. this same machine had a small piggie that I really wanted. I’m also super socially awkward. So, when I was trying to get the piggie, I noticed a person standing really close to me. Like really, really close to me. Like so close I wanted to tell him to back up. Instead of turning around a pushing him back because he was so close I could feel his breath, I quit and left even though I was really close to getting the piggie. So, I walk back to my car and as I’m driving away I see the man who was way too close swinging around the piggie by his tail as he walked out the door. It was the only piggie, so I waited and waited for them to restock the machine. I did play a few times and got a otter. And then they finally restocked the machine with a different type of toy. So, when I was in Books-A-Million, I found this giant version of the piggie and she was on sale so now it lives with me.

My final high is that I’m this much closer to Schulz coming home. Which is is how I’m choosing to look at this. I know he just left, but now it’s closer to him coming home that it was yesterday. And tomorrow will be closer than today. I know that I’ll have days during the next several months where I won’t feel as positive. But I know that this isn’t forever and he will be home.

What were the highlights of y’all’s April? Did y’all have a good Easter?

Much love



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One thought on “April 2019 Highlights

  1. I loved your story of finally getting the pig out of the machine. My favorite animal is the otter, so I would have been super happy to win that one. We had a great Easter.


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