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Mystery Monday Tokidoki Edition

Hello humans of the internet! I’m opening mystery toys again. Why? because I enjoy them and no one has complained so I’m gonna keep opening them and posting about it so I have an excuse to open them.

Today I’m opening this thing which is super cute. I’ve seen them before and I love them so I finally bought one. I think they are usually plastic figures, but this one is a little plushie.

I’m hoping for one of the little mermaid guys. They’re super cute!
But I got this cutie! Honestly not even disappointed. The little cloud on his tummy is crying. It’s so cute and rainbow.

So this was a super fun thing that I found when I was looking for shampoo in a Walgreens. I mean I got really distracted and ended up on a completely different row from where the shampoo was to find it, but I left for shampoo, which I would like to point out I didn’t buy. This little cutie who the package says is named Trixie is going to join the rotation of little plushies that hang out on my purse (backpack that I use as a purse). I know that my nail polish looks super junkie here, I haven’t painted my nails in ages.

much love



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