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Quick update before disappearing for 2 weeks

Hello humans of the internet! If you’re new here, welcome, especially firsttimemarinekeeper, because I got a notification that you followed in the middle of writing that sentence. Haven’t read any of your posts yet but I hope you’re really enjoying your fish. Fish are amazing creatures.

Anyway. I’m writing this to let y’all know that I get my marine back tomorrow. I was going to write this last night but wrist was hurting really bad. I’m not gonna call it carpal tunnel, because I haven’t been to a doctor for it, but my wrist hurts when I type a lot. So that’s why you’re getting what I wanted to be a Wednesday post on a Thursday, but let’s be real, you probably didn’t notice because I never post consistently. Anyway this whole post is to let y’all know that my marine is coming home tomorrow. I’ve tome everyone who’s sat still for more than half a second so now I’m telling y’all too. He finally gets to met our newest fur baby, Peggy. Yes I will have pictures of that. Anyone who follows her Instagram, sorry we haven’t posted a lot of her pictures lately. She’s been busy, throwing up everywhere while we try to figure out all her allergies. I have never purposefully chosen a special needs pet, but I do end up with special needs pets pretty frequently. I don’t mind all at though. God knows what we can handle and that I’ll patiently buy food samples and different treats until we find one’s she can eat. Wish me luck with that.

Much love



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

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