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Hair Adventures Chapter: dying it myself

Hello humans of the internet! I hate my hair. We’ve talked about this before. It’s a weird texture, it’s a boring color and I’ve got a pretty extreme widows peak. So I’ve been on a bit of a journey with my hair in an effort to love it. Or at least not feel ugly.

This journey has taken me a lot of places thus far. Some of y’all may remember the time I cut it all off. I had been growing it for 3 years and had a good bit of length considering I started from a pixie cut. But because of stuff that happened in my personal life that I think I’m almost ready to share, I didn’t want that hair anyone. So, I chopped it. And I kept it short. I made sure to have bangs so no one could ever see my widows peak. I still kind of hated my hair though so, I went to a good friend who is an actual hair stylist and we bleached it and dyed it grern screen green. I really liked how that looked and keep it for about a year. That was when I decided to get over my hatred of my widows peak. I don’t know how a normal person would have done this, maybe tried the occasional hair style that some what showed the widows peak. I haven’t cut my bangs in a year and ever single day for about 10 months I’ve pulled my bangs straight back off my face. For context I’ve been wearing my hair in my face for so long that I ran into people I’ve known since elementary school and they didn’t recognize me with my hair out of my face.

Back in December I’d let the green fade and was starting to look like a sick mermaid. Not a cute mermaid like a mermaid who’s hair was made out of dryed kelp. So I went back to my friend and we dyed it pink. Shiny dratini pink specifically

It looked really good. I actually liked how my hair looked which is super rare.

But for no reason at all, my hair rejected it and the color was gone in 3 days. I hadn’t even washed my hair yet. (I was my hair once a week. It’s coarse and thick.)

So here we are. Back in my bathroom with a bottle of hair dye. No scissors this time though I’m trying to grow it out. I have a fantasy of having really long hair mostly because I’ve always been told its too thick and won’t look good long.

Hopefully it comes out purple. The box did say that this due is for blond or bleached hair and mines dark brown and a little pinkish green so we’ll see. I was going to blow dry it, but I don’t own a blow drier so I’m just going to walk around in the sun instead. Wish me luck and I’ll update y’all on that tomorrow after my hair finally dries

Much love



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