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Mystery Monday

Hello humans of the internet! I’m brining back Mystery Monday. Why? Because its the little things that bring joy. And I’m already anxious about waiting at home during this deployment that hasn’t even started yet. I hope y’all enjoy

So that was fun. I think people stars is going to hang out on my with the tiny sloth to watch me work.

Do you have any suggestions for future posts? What do you want to hear about? Peggy? Mystery Mondays? Interviews? Fish? Benedict, the budgie?

Much love,



I'm a writer with dyslexic.

4 thoughts on “Mystery Monday

  1. I thought of your love of these little things when we were in Universal Orlando. There was a whole Hello Kitty store. That used to be my daughter’s favorite place in the world when she was little. Not the same as your little toys, but similar.

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    1. You gotta love Hello Kitty. I didn’t know there was a whole store anywhere though. That’s going on my bucket list that I just created in order to put that on it.

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