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It’s a fish tank

Hello humans of the internet! I love fish. And maybe obsess over them as a coping mechanism when I’m worried about Schulz. Could be worse, could be drugs. But it’s fish!

So I’m setting up a new betta fish tank. I found a 2.5 gallon in my parent’s storage shed and first made sure there were no leaks by filling it with water and hoping for the best. It didn’t leak, so it was time to decorate.

I had a vision for this tank, involving marbles. It was going to be all identical blue marbles. But I greatly underestimated the number of marbles it would take to cover the bottom of a 2.5 gallon tank. So, I was going to add red marbles to go with a kind of fire and water theme.

It looked like this:

The two green balls are marimo mosses. Marimo moss, it’s my favorite aquarium plant. Except marimo moss might be an algae. Let me look that up. Yes, it is a filamentous algae and algae are not plants. So saying marimo moss is my favorite plant is a lie, but I did really enjoy them and have about 5 that have lived in my aquariums since I was a freshman in college.

Anyway, I didn’t really like the look of this and I couldn’t really get plants or anywhere for a betta to hide with the current set up. Then I found some broken tea cups and really wanted to use them. So I put the marimo into mason jars and started over.

I decided that I needed black gravel for this tank even though I had plenty of natural gravel left over from the other 3 fish tanks. Anyway, I went to the nearest pet store (any hour away because I live in the middle of nowhere) to buy the black gravel. And while I was there I grabbed some cute new stuff for Peggy

And yes this was the only time she was still all day with her fancy new collar.

Back to the tank. I added the black gravel (after rinsing it) and the marimo and the tea cups and finally a few of the marbles. And here is the final result:

Now the final step is to add fish. Specifically, a betta fish. I don’t know what kind of betta though. There’s so many colors and I love all of them. And when I go to a store and see them, I form an emotional connection to every single one of them instantly. I want to save all of them from their fate of being accidentally killed by a well meaning child or a middle aged woman using them as decoration. So I’m gonna make y’all make the decision for me. Leave a comment with what color betta I should get. I’ve seen betta in pretty much every except green…I don’t think I’ve seen a green betta. So yeah, what color betta do y’all think I should I get?


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10 thoughts on “It’s a fish tank

  1. A blue and sort of pink male betta. I haven’t posted a picture of him yet because he was really sick when I first got him. He has been receiving care as instructed by my brother (he is an aquarist and part of his job is helping sick fish). So, I’ve had this fish, named Kai for several months and he is finally doing better.


    1. I saw a beautiful blue and yellow female betta. She was the most beautiful female betta and I wanted to bring her home but couldn’t because I hadn’t gotten the tank ready yet. 🙁

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            1. Not right now. Sometimes the feed and seed has them, but right now they’re focused on chickens. All my fish have to put up with at least an hour car ride to get home.

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