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Things I’ve learned from my dog

Hello humans of the internet! As some of you might have noticed, we got a dog in February. Her name is Peggy and she is perfect.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot from her. She has learned very little aside from fetch.

I think I’m going to order these in the order that I learned them.

  1. Silence is suspicious
  2. Fighting like cats and dogs is not a joke
  3. You can get a lot done in the morning if you wake up at 5 am.
  4. Exercise actually makes you feel better.

I know this isn’t a huge extensive list. But I haven’t had a puppy very long. It is crazy how much she has grown in not a lot of time. I mean it’s only been a month and she’s already more than double her size when I first picked her up. When I fist got her she was about 5 or 6 pounds and as of her last vet visit on March 4th, she was 14 pounds. And basically ice decoded that I’m gonna have to start lifting weights because she has started jumping into my arms when and scared and she’s scared of everything. Honestly how scaredy she is makes me laugh because I’ve had several people say that I need to be careful because she might be part pitbull and she’ll grow up top be vicious. No she just wants cuddles.

Also Peggy has her own Instagram. I don’t post everyday because I’m busy keeping up with a puppy. But if you want to see more pictures of her, it’s peggy_the_mutt.

What have you learned from having dogs or any other kind of pets?

Much love



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3 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned from my dog

    1. That is true. My dad’s dog always acts like she hasn’t seen him in years. Peggy hasn’t spent a ton of time alone yet. She’s still a little baby puppy.

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