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Busy Day Continued

Good morning humans of the internet. You may or may not be wondering if I got everything done yesterday. The short answer is no.

I did get a lot done though.

Peggy got her bath and did this about 10 seconds later

We finished up wedding decorations for my sister. Her wedding was beautiful. It was small at the church with just family and a lot of flowers. I was particularly proud of this baby’s breath crown I made.

I got the grocery shopping done, I didn’t take pictures of that because I figured that was too boring.

Sushi got a water change. This little betta had just been thriving since I found him in a back shelf at Wal-Mart. His colors are brighter and he’s just an all around happier fish. I also cleaned the other two fish tanks and saw that 3 of my platy fish are carrying eggs. So that’s exciting but also a little stressful as I will have to find homes for all the little baby fish because I’m running out of tank space.

Just look what he used to look like he almost looks like a different fish.

I did not clean my car at all. But I will.

Can we all take a moment to laugh at the fact that I right I’d have time to write a blog post on my sister’s wedding day?

I hope y’all have a great day today! And let me know what kind of stuff y’all want to hear about. Stuff like this? More stuff about Peggy? Mediocre poetry? I don’t know y’all tell me.

Much love



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One thought on “Busy Day Continued

  1. That baby’s breath wreath is gorgeous. I am so glad that your sister had the sense to not bankrupt everyone for her wedding. We also had a small inexpensive(nuts, cake and punch)wedding with friends and family with the emphasis on our shared faith.

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