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All the critters

Hello humans of the internet! I just wanted to give a brief update on Soot, Benedict, and Doctor.

Soot might tell you that since the arrival of Peggy they’re being ignored but that is because Soot is a cat and cats are dramatic. Doctor gets to be outside, her favorite place for a few more months before its too hot for her. I live in South Carolina, so most of the year is too hot for a rabbit.

And Benedict is happily learning to make a camera noise and a keyboard noise. He still hasn’t learned any words but he has a great time making sounds. He is not pictured because his cage currently looks like an explosion of seeds. Why? you might ask. Because I got him fancy treats when I brought home Peggy so he wouldn’t feel left out and he is still happily destroying that. (As I’m typing this Peggy has only been home for 3 days. I can guarantee that Benedict’s cage will be cleaned when you’re reading this)

And Soot is still my spoiled little gutter cat. She sleeps in my bed and does whatever she wants. She is currently obsessed but on a diet… of course she thinks I’m starving her and never give her affection.

Here she is thinking I don’t love her anymore.

The only reason Peggy is the only one with an Instagram (peggy_the_mutt if you have an Instagram and wasn’t to follow her) is because she’s still willing to pose for pictures.

Much love



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